How to build a better financial future for you

See and understand the whole picture

Let’s say you have a retirement plan, a business, personal savings, a few insurance products and other sources of income or wealth. You probably have a lawyer, a CPA, insurance agent and other professionals – each helping with a single asset or part of your program.

But is anyone helping you see the whole picture? From every angle?

More often than not, even successful people keep the individual pieces (and advisors) of their financial plan in silos. As a result, components become misaligned, redundant and less effective. Unnecessary costs accrue. Bureaucracy gets in the way. You have lots of people on your contact list. But wouldn’t you rather have a single point of contact?

Our experts help you bring your entire financial picture into focus – with a goal of improving overall cost efficiency and success. We sit on the same side of the table and guide you through the process, so you can make better-informed decisions and achieve lifetime objectives.

It’s not just about what you have.
It’s how everything you have works together.

Wealth Accumulation

Is there a better way to allocate resources and improve results? Should you pay off debt? Can you increase retirement plan savings? Could you or your heirs benefit from a trust strategy? Do you have a plan for exiting your business? (And is it funded?) We help you uncover important questions. Then we provide experienced answers and a long-term perspective to help you make progress and achieve your objectives.

Retirement Funding

We are nationally recognized for our expertise in designing qualified and nonqualified retirement plan solutions that optimize both tax advantages and long-term financial security.

Education Funding

Should you implement a 529 savings plan as part of your overall strategy? Trusts (under various ownership structures) can also be effective, as well as gifts to minors strategies.

Income Protection

There are many components to financial security, but the ability to earn income may be the most important of all. Your income not only funds your family’s lifestyle, it also funds your savings, retirement and more. A disabling sickness or injury can significantly reduce your income. We shop the market to help you find the most appropriate protection.

Life & Long-Term Care Insurance

In addition to providing financial protection for your family, insurance products can also be used to complete a retirement plan, generate lifetime income, fund a business exit or ownership transfer, cover the cost of long-term care, leave a charitable legacy or more. By assessing your insurance needs within the context of your overall financial plan, we can recommend appropriate policy types, coverages and providers.

Estate, Charitable & Wealth Transfer Planning

We are often invited to consult with clients’ attorneys, CPAs and other financial advisors to help structure more effective, tax-advantaged estate, charitable and wealth transfer plans. We are fluent in the development and administration of sophisticated trusts. We work to anticipate and minimize exposure to estate, income, gift and generation-skipping taxes, while assuring clients that their personal wishes will be fulfilled.